A dental bonded bridge is one solution dentists use to replace a missing tooth in less time and for less money than a porcelain bridge or an implant. A Bonded bridge is an ideal fix for a missing tooth in the front of your mouth. Bonding is an effective dental treatment that can be used to improve the appearance of your smile.

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What is the material used for bonded bridge?

It is made of all Ceramic material and high level of biocompatibility and good strength makes it a suitable material for smaller defects.

What is the process of bonded bridge?

Bonded bridge need very minimal or no preparations on the abutment teeth. Preparation can be done in one or both abutment teeth. Then he will take an impression or mold. A laboratory makes the will be bonded to the abutment teeth.

How long do tooth bonding last?

The research shown that properly use of the material Boded bridge will last more than 10 years.

Is bonded bridge safe and effective?

Yes. Due to the very high degree of biocompatibility dental bondings are safe and can be used in a younger patient with the missing teeth instead of dental implant.

Advantages of bonded bridge

1) None invasive
2) Good Esthetics
3) Easy Replacement when necessary
4) Shorter Treatment Period


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